New Entryway

Posted on Mar 10 , 2011 in Blog

There are lots of activities going on at the Zen Center this Winter! The most obvious right now is the entryway flooring. I come home daily to see how much progress has taken place, and it is very surprising how quickly the floor is expanding. I took these photos yesterday … but all is covered with beautiful bamboo now … Hopefully we will have all the entryway completed in time for Sangha Day starting on April First … Come and see for yourself! We should have a skating party!


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  2. Joshua

    4 years ago

    Wow! This looks great. I left just as the carpet was getting leveled. I really like the hardwood here. Now you guys can run around with rags on your feet dusting it :)

    • abbot

      4 years ago

      yup, that is it Josh, no more vacuum cleaners! :)