One Day Retreat

Posted on Jun 15 , 2011 in Upcoming Events

Sunday January 15 –  9:30AM – 3:30PM:  One day meditation retreat with an informal lunch afterward. Co-Guiding Teacher, Nancy Hedgpeth, JDPSN will be giving kong-an interviews. Orientation is at 9AM for first time participants.

To register for your retreat online – fill out the retreat registration form.

4 Comments → “ One Day Retreat ”

  1. jeff

    3 years ago

    Sorry for the confusion pondside. I’ve tried fixing it a few times but I haven’t found a hack to fix it yet.

  2. pondside

    3 years ago

    15th Jan 12 is possibly confusing. I assume this means the retreat is on the 15th, but it could be on the 12th. 15th Jan 2012 would be more clear.

  3. Martha M

    4 years ago

    I registered online for Sunday’s retreat (6/19(. Did you receive it?


    • jeff

      4 years ago

      Yes we did! Orientation begins at 9AM, see you then.