Special Events

Posted on Feb 25 , 2011 in Blog

Special Events

Posted By The Kwan Um School of Zen

Opening Ceremony – Zen Center of Las Vegas

Note from the Zen Center: We invite you to attend the grand opening ceremonies, May 4-6 2012.

They have posted photos of the center, Las Vegas and the Valley of Fire State Park online, so please take a moment to check out their web page and plan to attend:

Zen Center of Las Vegas

For those of you who are coming early and/or staying late, we are considering offering a half day trip to Valley of Fire. The red and white sandstone outcrops amongst the desert landscape are beautiful beyond words. Also, they would like to offer quick trips up and down the strip to tour the night lights.

If you are signed up and confirmed, please let Karen Rennick, pictured here with Robin Hoffman, know if there is interest in either of these activities by sending an email to: moonflowerchild@gmail.com.

Robin says “Come, Join me!”

Thank you, and we hope to see you in May!

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